Innovative marketing entrepreneur 
"The Secret to Successful Marketing"
The formula I always look for when scaling a product, service or brand
Does  this product save me
Allowing me to spend it on the things I 
With the people that I 
= Winning Formula
For the past eight years, Scott Marshall has dedicated his professional career to becoming one of the best online marketing experts in the world. He is a six-time 2 Comma Award winner and has also achieved the honor of receiving the elite 2 Comma X Club award for generating over $10,000,000 with Clickfunnels.
Scott has truly mastered the craft of optimizing online customer acquisitions by strategically driving users through product value ladders that focus on two main key performance indicators: Cost Per Acquisition and Average Cart Value. By optimizing these two indicators, Scott believes he can level the playing field for all entrepreneurs to succeed in any marketplace.

Career Life
Starting his career in the newspaper industry and eventually holding positions in every form of media, Scott finally found his niche. With an arsenal of experience that included newspapers, radio, billboards, and online advertising, Scott was driven to open his own business to better serve his clientele, from small start-ups to large venture capitalist groups whose main business model was launching new online products on a mass scale.
Scott has spent the last two years primarily investing his time and resources into the financial education and software industry. There, he honed in on his skill of driving both online and offline revenue by creating digital funnels designed to acquire new customers through a continuity program that ultimately sold a higher ticket item through either an online evergreen model or through the implementation of a phone sales floor. Most recently, Scott has transitioned back into his own agency, leveraging both his knowledge and award-winning team to earn the trust of satisfied clients worldwide. 

Personal Life
Scott is a devoted husband to his wife of eight years, Kelly. Together, Scott and Kelly have three daughters - yes, three daughters (but don’t let him fool you; he truly loves being the only man in his girls’ lives). When he’s not building badass funnels and scaling businesses, Scott enjoys spending time with his family at Disney World in Orlando, where he resides. Scott is also a proud Rotarian, and has dedicated both time and money into trying to put an end to human trafficking.
 My Team Has Generated Millions And So Have Our Clients
The expectations I set for my team is the same for our clients; therefore, an application process is necessary.
My team only works with clients that:

  •   Know that a funnel is not a dying business's "miracle"
  •  Tired of not generating the revenue they want
  •  Know how to generate leads and are looking for smarter ways to make $$
  •  Look for ways to have an edge in their industry
  •  Have the "grow or die" mentality 
  •  Enjoy collaborating with knowledge champions
Have You Experienced This BS Before?

A Badass Design That Just Didn't Convert No Matter What

High Lead Conversions That Never Turned into $$

A One-Track Funnel That Does Little (if NOTHING) With Engaged, But Not $$ Traffic

A Spike in Revenue Within First Month, but Sales That Won't Budge Months After

Listen, you are not alone. We have seen this as well and have created the plan to overcome it!
  • DIGITAL STRATEGY ...I believe my knowledge of digital channels and how to utlize each one in a formulated stratedy is my formula for my success.
  • BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT... I have shown great skill in creating long-term value and goals for a number of organizations
  • BRAND DEVELOPMENT ... I have worked with many companies on creating, refresh and manage their online brand.
  • FUNNEL ARCHITECT... I have worked with many companies on creating, refresh and manage their online brand.
  •  CAMPAIGN BUILDING... I have worked with many companies on creating, refresh and manage their online brand.
  • DIGITAL MARKETING ...  My core expertise is the ability to understand the elements of digital marketing as a whole.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA ENGAGEMENT ...I have implemented and created social media campaigns for national clients such as Krispy Kreme and Remax while measuring analytics and insights.
  • LEAD GENERATION ...A key element of every marketing campaign I implement is built around lead generation.
  • CUSTOMER JOURNEY... I build and architect customer journeys with the purpose of scalability
  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT... I need to write a strong sentence about my experience with this.
Build an Online Empire in 6 Months
How it works?
Working with us is so simple and easy
Let's get to know each other, we need to know your wants, needs and desires. You are probably really passionate about your business and we need to capture that during this meeting.
for signing
We put together a proposal that contains the key information of the project and sets the expectations for you and from us to begin working together.

really hard
Once we have everything signed and ready to go, we will begin building phase one of the sales and marketing process vision that you have set out to achieve.

After we build out phase one and finish testing, we will reconvene to go over the results and how we can scale this out to your expectations and more. 

are ready
We implement the changes as discussed and start utilizing all our connections and platforms to scale your product and business up to become the next TWO COMMA Client success story!
We go over over the results from our working relationship and celebrate our wins. Then we begin looking additional revenue streams for you  to repeat our successes.

It really is a formula
Maybe one of the biggest areas where we see a lot of clients miss the bulls-eye. Having the right systems in place really sets the foundation for being able to successfully scale in product, service or campaign. 
This is where we shine. We work with and have partnerships with some of biggest and best marketing experts in the world! The main goal of our marketing focus is the ability to scale up with speed through highly targeted conversion campaigns.
Everything we do is all about ROI. This is where our expertise is really highlighted! The sales processes and systems that we put into play is typically the difference between making chump change and a two comma campaign.  
Customer Sales
Personal Email Contacts
Total Campaign Revenue  
So I've Had The Chance To Work With Some
Pretty Cool Companies. 
 Biggest Accomplishment
"Multiple 2 comma Club Awards"
Within the organization I set out to identify unmet needs, goals, opportunities and challenges of launching project campaigns across all our front end products that include technology products and financial forex courses. Additionally, I sought out to create and oversee the execution of a strategic plan through specific initiatives to meet the objectives of the strategy and goals set forward before each project. These projects have the main goal of growing the organization's revenue at the greatest rate possible. I also help cross-functional teams to develop and evolve ideas to bring together their teams goals and objectives all through one purpose of the launch.

In my day to do actions I manage through a coordinator all resources and utilize project management software to establish, prioritize and monitor task execution to deliver multiple quality and timely launches. 
Contribute to the overall marketing strategy and continued growth of the the company as well as products of MTI by creating high performing digital sales funnels and related content, delivering the best customer experience and journey possible. Assist in the development of an evergreen strategy for our suite of products resulting in over 6 million dollars of revenue online.
-Create and design customer journeys utilizing funnels and drip campaigns to convert customers at a high rate.
-Create a strategy plan document for each launch that will have a detailed outline of not only the executable plan but will also include the details of the “Dream Customer” and “Attractive Character.”
-Implement and execute a data tracking system for each launch so that we can set up true case studies of our findings.

Want To Check Out Some Pretty Badass Launches?
Director of Digital Strategy
Okay let me be honest
I was the CEO...but i hate titles
As a digital marketing expert I am responsible for all things digital. I work hand in hand with the marketing and communications director, managers across the nation to help maintain, develop and manage current and future digital capabilities and assets from companies of all industries. This includes, but is not limited to websites as well as a critical role in the creation of a new site, SEM, SEO, digital content including blogs, web, social and other online content. I believe heavy emphasis on analytics, recommendations, trend spotting and tracking, and content generation and management.
I work with our clients and our team to help create their digital strategies through a combination of planning and strategy techniques, as well as business, market and consumer insight.
The strategy team and I are an ideas hub within the agency, my aim is to provide our clients with innovative digital approaches and solutions for their websites and digital campaigns. I cover anything from email marketing, website/microsite execution, social media, search, video and user experience.
My main focus is to develop a blended digital strategy that works towards delivering against a set of predefined objectives.
My effective skills are based around imagination and an appreciation for all digital channels and how they can work together. Listening to the input and ideas from the team and their skill sets is key to my success with being to implement that into an organized plan. I think the most important skill and strength is being able to quickly develop a good understanding of my clients business, the challenges they face in the set market, their goals and development opportunities for their business.

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